Share our love of a food that is a little bit different than what you usually try. We carefully select suppliers based on their quality values and sustainability ethos. This has enabled us to create have created simple yet thoughtful dishes with a quality taste and without compromising on nutrition.


We offer a wide variety of desserts that are baked fresh in-house every morning—starting from baked cheesecakes to different types of baklava, as well as deliciously light coconut basboussa.

Desserts and Pastries

We can provide you with finger food, hot and cold. Available for a small party and a large one.

Finger Food

Our Offers

Our Tea

Tea is not just tea – it comes in many different varieties and flavours. We present a premium tea brand, which can help you fulfil every tea desire. Whether classic black tea or any fruit or herbal tea- our selection is always oriented to your taste.


Drop into us for lunch and enjoy our range of Mediterranean dishes and sandwiches such as Crunchy Ciabatta. Enjoy a lovely coffee afterwards,


We do not offer alcohol on our menu. However, there’s no need to fret. All customers can bring their own wine and beer, with absolutely no corkage fee or extra charges.


Our warm welcome and relaxed atmosphere, excellent service, and attention to detail make Keshk the perfect choice for all occasions.

Our Coffee/Beans

We currently offer McCabe’s Wicklow Organic blend, a medium roast coffee from Brazil and Guatemala. Tasting notes of peanut butter, biscuit and apricot create a smooth and balanced cup.

Dish Examples